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A Parliament of Monsters by Barb C NC-17
A story of compromising, improvising, old friends, old foes, old beaux, Watchers...
The One About Updating the 'Verse by Barb C G
Another Episode of Barb!Brain Theatre!
What A Drag It Is by Barb C NC-17
Buffy decides to spice things up for Spike's birthday. Things get a little...
Love The One You're With by Barb C PG-13
Willow deals with the morning after.
Never Jam Today by Barb C R
Buffy and Spike eat cheesecake and have sex. What? You need more plot than...
The Psychological Advantage by Barb C PG
Sam and Buffy spar. Spike and Riley watch.
This is my Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan fiction, set post-Season 5 and quickly wandering off into my own little universe where I control the horizontal and I control the vertical, ha ha! This is all Buffy/Spike-friendly fic, but I like writing the whole crew, so expect a cast of thousands.

95% of the stories on this site are set in the same fictional continuity, an AU branching off from canon after "The Gift." If you are just starting out, I recommend that you read the two novels, A Raising in the Sun and Necessary Evils first. The short stories and novellas are set before, during, and after the novels. All stories (except the drabbles) are listed in chronological order in the Barbverse Timeline. (Yes, I know that 'Barbverse' is a lame name. Shut up.) Be warned: The third novel, A Parliament of Monsters, is a WIP, and some of the stories set after it will spoil you for the ending. Yes, I still intend to finish it, but I am presently committed to working on Three Deep, the virtual webseason at Tea At The Ford, which has cut into my time somewhat.

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At long last
A Parliament of Monsters has updated! Check out Chapter 12!

--Barb C on 24/12/13 - 09:21 am 0 Comments
"Little Sister" Updated
Like the sign says. (And I swear I'm going to finish sorting those drabbles and the timeline...)

--Barb C on 01/12/12 - 11:58 am -2 Comments