Summers-Pratt Family Tree, with assorted additions

Notes: This chart is current as of 12/30/07. It may change without notice if the author gets a better idea. Names in blue are canon characters. Characters marked (d) are deceased.

Original characters - First Major Appearence

Tia Maria - Necessary Evils (offstage mention)
Linda Gutierrez - Necessary Evils
Caroline Summers - Parliament of Monsters (offstage mention)
Dawn's as yet unnamed future husband - An Ordinary Life (offstage mention)
Bill Summers-Pratt - Growing Pains
Connie Summers-Pratt - From Ghoulies and Ghosties
Alex Summers-Pratt - Wings
Antonia Palatino - Little Sister
Anita Summers-Pratt - Little Sister
Matthew - Twilight of the Gods (he's the one drawing on Spike's cast). I don't know his or his sister's last name for certain because their parents haven't stopped arguing about it yet.
Sherry - Twilight of the Gods (she's the one who says that if a shark bit her, she'd bite it back.)
Vicki Summers-Pratt - Little Sister
Jessica Summers-Pratt - Little Sister

Kerry and Alicia don't have a proper story yet, but you can find the basics in the timeline in the entries for 2022-2023 and onward. Christopher likewise in the entries for 2017-2019.


Numero Cinco     Maria Guadalupe Valdez aka Tia Maria
??     ??
Linda Gutierrez     Hank Summers     Joyce ? (d) Anne ? (d)     William Arthur Pratt (d)
Caroline Summers   Darlene ?     ??  
  Celia ? (d)  
Buffy Anne Summers William Henry "The Bloody" Pratt, aka Spike
?? Dawn Summers  
Kerry ??       William Henry "Bill" Summers-Pratt       Antonia Palatino
Alicia ??   ?? (d)
  Anita Summers-Pratt
Samuel Lawson       Constance Anne Summers-Pratt
Matthew Alexander Summers-Pratt
Sherry Christopher Summers-Pratt (d)
?? Victoria Lynn Summers-Pratt
Jessica Summers-Pratt