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Summary: A story of compromising, improvising, old friends, old foes, old beaux, Watchers, Slayers, silly hats, kissing with fangs, dogs and cats living together, gainful employment, physical therapy, Vamp!Willow, a distressing development in Los Angeles, the Perfect Couple, junk food, unfortunate choices in personal grooming, mighty hunters before the Lord, extraordinary coincidences, the economics of the demon egg trade, better living through chemicals, the allure of nepotism, vengeance amateur and otherwise, vociferous argument, unnatural lusts and how to satisfy them, the intransigence of relatives, moral imperatives, and really cute shoes.

In Which
Our Heroes, the aformentioned Buffy Anne Summers and William The Bloody, explore the question of what comes after the happily ever after, and the difficulties encountered by leopards who persist in changing their spots.
Rated: NC-17
Categories: Novels Characters: Angel, Anya, Buffy, Clem, Connor, Cordelia, Daniel Tanner (a warlock - OC), Dawn, Drusilla, Evie (a minion - OC), Faith, Fred, Giles, Gunn, Kennedy, Lawson, Riley, Sam Finn, Spike, Tara, Wesley, Willow, Xander
Genres: Action/Adventure, Angst, Fluff, Horror, Humor, Romance
Pairing: Angel/Cordelia, Buffy/Spike, Riley/Sam, Spike/Drusilla, Willow/Kennedy, Willow/Tara, Xander/Anya
Warnings: Bloodplay, Character death, Explicit sex, Language, Noncon, Violence
Series: The Barbverse
Chapters: 13 Completed: No
Word count: 166952 Read: 61965
Published: 07/02/09 Updated: 13/12/15
Story Notes:
Previously: Willow brought Buffy back to life using Dawn's blood and William's soul, creating an imbalance which allowed the First Evil to use Willow to take over the world. Spike and Buffy narrowly defeated the First, resulting in the permanent closure of the Hellmouth, and Willow's death and resurrection as a souled vampire. As always, thanks to Jane Davitt and the Redemptionista Writers Group, betas extraordinaire.

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A million thanks to betas Brutti_ma_buoni, Deb C, Typographer, Diebirchen, Lookingforoctober, Slaymesoftly, and Rainkatt. Any remaining mistakes are all my own!

13. Chapter 13 by Barb C [Reviews - 0] (15188 words)
Took me long enough.

As always, I cannot thank my beta readers enough: Typographer, Slaymesoftly, Torrilin, Rainkatt, and especially The_moonmoth, Apprenticebard, and Feliciacraft, who make concrit hurt so good. This chapter would be vastly poorer were it not for their efforts.